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Bing language detection api

We have used the word word in talking about LUs.
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The valid POSes are: v - verb n - noun a - adjective adv - adverb prep - preposition num - numbers intj - interjection art - article c - conjunction scon - subordinating conjunction.
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Both cultures use the same language, but zh-CN is more slot games kostenlos spielen 50 lions specific and lets you distinguich Simplified Chinese in PRC vs Simplified Chinese in Singapore, zh-SG).These frame-evoking words are the LUs in the Apply_heat frame.You can unsubscribe at any time.Moreover, the set of examples (approximately 20 per LU) illustrates all of the combinatorial possibilities of the lexical unit.Stack Overflow, microsoft Cognitive Services (formerly Project Oxford) is a collection of artificial intelligence based vision, speech, search, knowledge and language APIs 17 views 14 views unauthorised calling translate cognitive Service, i am trying to upgrade my traduction API calling translate cognitive.0.Sometimes event nouns may evoke a Frame.For example, the Apply_heat Frame describes a common situation involving a Cook, some Food, and a Heating Instrument, and is _evoked_ by words such as bake, blanch, boil, broil, brown, simmer, steam, etc.First thing I try is calling the api using Insomina software but I always have unauthorized responce.For previews, additional terms in the.

Absorb_heat: The potatoes have to bake for more than 30 minutes.
CultureInfo docs, you'll see that zh-CHS refers to a "Chinese Simplified" culture, and zh-CN is a more specific culture code which means "Chinese Simplified, online casino test 99 slots People's Republic of China" (e.g.
Al., 2010 A lexical unit (LU) is a pairing of a word with a meaning.
Multiword expressions such as given name and hyphenated words like shut-eye can also be LUs.Adjectives may also evoke a Frame.Return type: list of LU objects (dicts) See the lu function for info about the specifics of LU objects.I agree that my use of this free trial is governed by the.To learn more you can read the privacy statement.