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Bing maps bird's eye view android

bing maps bird's eye view android

Hope I was able to answer your query.
They also provide a snapshot in time.
We are currently planning to have the new Birdseye experience in V8 by the Microsoft Build conference which is near the end of March 2017 (8 months from now).".
We will be happy to assist you again.We have collected a lot of new imagery, but it still needs to be processed so that it can be exposed to the V8 map control.This new SDK now gives Android developers a choice in terms of map controls and provides greater flexibility as a result of having direct access to the code base.Here is their reply: "Birdseye imagery is currently not available in Bing Maps.The migration guide doesnt mention Birdseye imagery but it does state that anything that isnt mentioned is planned to be in the V8 control.If I understand you correctly you are willing to open Bing Bird's Eye View links on Android phone.Can anyone confirm that this is actually the case or if there is any way of still using Bird's Eye View in the new version?This used to exist.Processing the imagery takes several months.This is one of the highest points of customer dsat that we have.Microsoft's documentation about this is very poor, so I just pieced the information together from various sources.You can find the SDK at: m/.

This is a very short sighted and wrong move and I would urge those that made this decision to think again and reinstate the birds eye imagery.
I couldn't agree more.
Microsoft's Bing Maps SDK is updated from V7 to V8 in summer 2016, after that I start a Github project to continue woking on the Bing Maps SDK for Android to migrate it to modern Android devices and Bing Maps.G392 dirdir_n nz eg?Did this solve your problem?When embedding a V7 map, the Bird's Eye option is available in the navigation bar: In tricks book of ra online V8 the option doesn't exist: update: I have received an email reply from Microsoft stating that Bird's Eye View isn't yet available in V8, but will be.This is just a compatibility issue as Windows and Android are different Operating System.You are right that if this would be added then it will be very useful.This demo shows what I have done, a new Bing Maps control with original V7 features and up to date V8 WebControl.As you have mentioned that Bing Bird's Eye View links open on other Windows PC when you send them through your email but when the same Bing Bird's Eye View links open on Android phone it get open in a Road Map View.Much of the 2D aerial imagery is also out of date and behind Google, yet that still remains.Why remove imagery just because some of it may be out of date?Better out of date than not at all.Google Earth retains legacy aerial views to build up a picture over time, so why not do the same with Birds Eye Views and then supplement them with newer imagery as it becomes available?As you have mentioned that you are able to open Google Street View links on Android phone.However, this SDK is no longer maintained and updated.Additionally we are creating a new user experience around Birdseye as the current experience isnt as fluid as it can be and is an issue for many.