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Bing maps route api

bing maps route api

When using the AutoSuggest Module, transactions are not logged for user key strokes or based on the number of location results that are returned in the Autosuggest menu.
For relevant searches, the user will also see a sparkasse girokonto eröffnen bonus description of the landmark or place (powered by Wikipedia) if a Wikipedia article exists.
Terrain data is available for the entire world.
Spatial Data Services No Any time a URL request is made to Get Data Source Information that returns general information about one or more versions of a single data source, one (1) transaction is counted.
V6.1 (GoliatH) - Improved quality of 3D models, improved KML support and new export capabilities, street labels on Bird's Eye imagery, MapCruncher integration, HD filming capabilities, Clearflow traffic report system.2 (Helios) (24 September 2008) - Multi-point driving directions, landmarks in directions, weather, real stars.For example, when viewing a map of London, the user may see road data from the Collins Bartholomew London Street Map.Dataflow:Get Spatial Data Services No Any time a URL request is made to Get Job Status, one (1) transaction is counted.Spatial Data Services and Data Source Management using the Bing Maps Account Center Category Bing Maps API Billable Category Description Dataflow:BatchGeocode Spatial Data Services Yes Any time a request is made to Create Job, a set of transactions equal to the number of total entities.

Search results often include addresses, contact information, and reviews for businesses and landmarks.
Additional Notes, to change the range of dates for the report, use the options under the.
The 3D Maps viewer plug-in requires Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 6/7/8 or Firefox.5/2.0/3.0.
Rest Services No Any time the status of an asynchronous Distance Matrix request is checked.WindowsPhoneSession_PublicApp Silverlight Control for Windows Phone (discontinued) No Any time a session begins with the launch of an application that uses the Bing Maps Silverlight Control for Windows Phone, one (1) transaction is counted.Through a special agreement with Microsoft, the Advanced Ortho Aerial Program will provide wall-to-wall 30 cm aerial coverage of the contiguous United States and Western Europe that DigitalGlobe has the exclusive rights to distribute beyond Bing Maps.Resttimezone rest Services Yes3 Any time a Time Zone URL request is made to retrieve a time zone for a location by point or query, convert a UTC datetime to a time zone, or retrieve information about iana the Windows time zone standards, one (1).Dataflow:Download Spatial Data Services No Any time a URL request is made to Download Results, one (1) transaction is counted.More than 60 cities worldwide could be viewed in 3D, including most of the major cities in the United States and a few cities in Canada, the United Kingdom, and France.Currently, Bing Maps provides maps level wise layouts of over 5300 venues across the world.Route-SnapToRoadAsync rest Services Yes Any time an asynchronous Snap to Road request is made, one (1) transaction is counted.

All soap, rest or Spatial Data2 service requests that use a session ID are not billable when they are made from within a session.
Microsoft subsequently referred to this product officially as " Live Search Maps integrating it as part of its Live Search services.
11 Bird's-eye view edit Bird's-eye view displays aerial imagery captured from low-flying aircraft.