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Bonus cachés beyond two souls

Project 7 free slots com times twelve pack #2 Chapter: The Embassy While in the ballroom, search thoroughly all of the wings of the building on poker run weekend kingston the ground floor.
#16 (Design Pack #10) Night Session 7:46.
The bonus is among the stones.
#9 (Kara) Homeless 4:07, when you leave the shelter of the homeless, this bonus will be in a corner to your left.
Its right above the room where all the enemies are meeting.The bonus is behind this fence, but you need to get really close with Jodie, so that Aiden can reach.Your progress will always be saved immediately and automatically.Project Pack #9, navajo 15 Performance Capture in Beyond: Two Souls The Dinner 16 Project Pack #10 Night Session 17 Beyond: Two Souls gameplay Homeless 18 Project Pack #11 Homeless 19 Project Pack #12 Norah 20 Project Pack #13 Dragon's Hideout 21 The Dark Sorcerer.Each bonus has a specific name and they are all listed in the order in which they appear throughout the story.Go to the end of the alley (you dont have to accept his offer) and you will find this bonus in the snow.Beyond: Two Souls - The making of Chapter: First Night When Jodie is alone in the room, fly out through the door and get towards Cole.Kara Chapter: Homeless When you wake up in the homeless shelter, walk outside a bit.Beyond: Two Souls - Visual Setting Chapter: Navajo When you ride the horse with Jay for the first time, do not sit next to him under the tree.

Playing Beyond: Two Souls Chapter: The Mission After you jump down from the floor of the demolished hotel, Aiden will receive instructions to find the cathedral.
After riding the horse for the first time, you will have to follow Jay to a herd of sheep.
Finding all of them will earn you the "Explorer" silver trophy.
#17 (The Gameplay in Beyond Two Souls) The Mission 8:20.
Behind the furniture on the left, there is another bonus.To get to the bar you must escape the DPA without being detected.You can see which ones you have already found by going to Additional Content - Bonus in the Main Menu.The First Night 12, project Pack #8, like Other Girls 13, visual Effects in Beyond: Two Souls.The last two bonuses unlock automatically when beating the story.After leaving the building, you will automatically switch to Aiden to scout the area.Project pack #11 Chapter: The Mission Once you reach Jammal's hideout, fly onto the upper floor of the building and find the bonus in the corner of the room.

To acquire a bonus you need to get near them with Aiden and press.
Project pack #3 Chapter: First Interview With Jodie sitting on the chair in front of the office, fly into the corridor and turn left.