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Empty gadget slot fortnite

Added Total Kills, Players Remaining, and Storm Timer to the HUD while spectating.
Bug Fixes Added sounds for Stormshield Amplifiers.
Beta Storm Mission Alerts will reward Spring Tickets and either Hero, Schematic, or come si gioca al lotto in germania Survivor.
Support Specialist Hawk Combatants Might Reduces the Energy cost of poker zali Warcry Abilities : Warcry, Frag Grenade, Goin Commando Ghoul Trooper Ramirez Practiced in Combat Increases the duration of Warcry Abilities : Warcry, Frag Grenade, Goin Commando Brainiac Jonesy Practiced in Combat Increases the duration.Shockwave Grenades, mode details: Chest spawns and Floor Spawns set to 100.Prevent weapon auto-reload from canceling emotes.Get in there and throw the enemies back to the lobby!Announcements from appearing on the HUD.Increased accuracy while running.When eliminated by the Storm, instead of saying You Eliminated Yourself, the text now says Eliminated by the Storm Improved look and implementation of Bad Network Indicator and updated Bad Connection Indicator UI to track bad vs severe ping.Winter Tickets have been retired, with any excess converted into Winter Llamas.Match the exact requirements, or take as many heroes as you can that match the rules in order to gain the most benefit.

Kyle Supercharged Traps Increases damage done by all traps affected.A.S.E.
Abilities : Dragon Slash, Throwing Stars, Crescent Kick Deadly Star Scorpion Corrosive Stars Throwing Stars afflict their targets, dealing Energy damage over time.
Added a Code of Conduct button to the menus.
Falling damage when landing on slopes is reduced depending on the angle of the slope.Kyle Lofty Architecture Increases health of buildings within area.A.S.E.Field Agent Rio Phase Blaster Every few seconds, your next shot fires a Phase Pulse Lynx Kassandra Bio-Energy Source Spending energy restores shield per hero per point of energy spent Master Grenadier Ramirez Cool Customer Using an Ability while Frosty lowers the cooldown of all.Fixed the Storm safe zone continuing to shrink after the game had ended.Eliminating enemies has a chance to drop a present.Use the map to place location markers which are visible to your team and will display on the compass at the top of the HUD.This patch also includes a full Battle Royale balance pass, bug fixes and more.

Increased the chance of receiving a Rocket Launcher from Supply Drops from 25.