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Halo wars 2 bonus objectives one three zero

Gold rush (20G) Earn a gold medal on any mission (except Prologue) on any difficulty.
All travel is suspended (10G) Complete Lights Out.
Mission 4: One Three Zero * Spoiler - click to reveal.
Robb VS Jaime - Game of Thrones 2x01 (vostfr).Invest in artillery units and place them on high grounds to gain an advantage.If you leave a negative vote please let me know why.Once used it will require a cool down so use it, wait for the cool down then use it again.The gun emplacement is temporary, lasting about 30 seconds, but it inflicts serious damage to enemy units over that time.After the base is destroyed, the collectible is floating over the ruins.There will be Grunt Squads along the entire drive there so press and charge at them to get the kill.

Dont let the AI capture more than one Control Zone at any given time.
The skull in this mission can be unlocked by finishing the mission with all rescued units alive.
Wake up (10G) Complete The Signal.
Paint it red (10G) Achieve the highest possible kill-streak in any Blitz mode gameratedgames Gameratedgames Owner at Gameratedgames At m, what we are trying to create is a community where Gamers from all other the world can find game reviews by gamers and unbiased, truthful.Guerilla tactics (10G) Complete One Three Zero.The bar continues to fill up if your enemies begin to capture more Control Zones than you.The Spirit of Fire rapidly drops a Turret from orbit with remarkable accuracy onto a spot you select.In poke salad recipe easy case you fail to do so, the enemies from the next wave will join the pre-existing enemies.