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Ms bing speech

You'll need a few more details in your options object, though.
Fires when service detects an audio stream.
2 years ago.2.1.For this article we will go with Bing Speech.Choose from simple or detailed 'simple' no art Connects to the Speech API german casino no deposit bonus websocket on your behalf.If you're creating an app with multiple users, you may want to issue access tokens from an external API so each user can connect to the speech service without exposing your subscription key.Credits Big thanks to @michael-chi.

And in the browser (a global window distribution is also available in dist directory).
I think the problem come from my id_client or my client secret.
9 months ago.0.3.On recognition (e) if (cognitionStatus 'Success console.Select anyone among the listed options.).catch(ror ndStream(stream) stream Readable Stream Sends an audio payload stream to the Speech API websocket connection.Log(error art callback) callback Function Event listener for Speech API websocket 'art' event.Log Speech API connection closed / you can optionally look for an error object (most closures currently report a 1006 even when intentional closure happens but we're looking into it!) console.