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Pocket navigator

Supports Windows 9x/NT/CE G7toCE Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance A program based on the very successful g7toWin product.
Moving Map with Voice Guidance, reference, description (commercial - demo available) For Windows CE/95/NT/XP.
GPS Ideas A program that supports user scanned maps with navigation capability.Note that this software supports voice prompts but not autorouting.It runs on PPC devices and PC's.The 24K maps range from about 3 Meg to over 6 Meg while the 100K maps are 8 to 10 Megabytes each.Store the location of your favorite Points Of Interest (POIs).Another similar product from Netropa is PrymeNav.

Unlock the route and unlock the waypoint to remove.
In particular it support TomTom, SmartPath, Navman, Garmin, Desinator, free slot machines gratis online Via Michlin, Navio, MioMap, GPX and others.
This is used on thhe Medion PDA.
This product is a full GIS system for field data collection.
Several programs of use to the Glider Soaring community including a WinCE based data logger that supports the IGC standard.The Pocket Navigator help facility is pretty abbreviated but you can use the pc product help to fill in the gaps since the products are so similar and documentation no deposit casino bonus april 2013 for the pocket pc is included.This controls how often the data is collected.View the French language version for details.By: Dale DePriest, translate this page.Odyssey Mobile from Infogation Corporation is another Navigation application.In addition the gps location is very accurately represented as the maps are well calibrated.There is also an RSS feed for this feature A UK site covering hardware and software.