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To (cause to) project; His front teeth stick out ; He stuck out his tongue.
To (cause to) be fastened together.
Ây là truyn thng xua ui tà ma qu d ca ngi Nht.Trong mt nhiu "thc thn" thì nó còn khá hp dn là khác.( replace ) volver a su lugar.To stick out of vgo roulette code sth dépasser de qch A pen was sticking out of his pocket Un stylo dépassait de sa poche.

( be noticeable ) se remarquer to stick out from the crowd émerger de la masse vt sep tongue tirer ; hand tendre Stick your tongue out and say "ah" Tirez la langue et dites "ah".
Of wax, gum, shaving soap barra f ; of celery rama f ; of dynamite cartucho m ; of bombs grupo.
We've decided to stick to our previous plan; If you stick to me, I'll stick to you.Stick up for vt fus ( stand up for ) défendre stick : stick control n (Aviat) Knüppelsteuerung f stick : stick 1 n Stock m ; ( twig) Zweig m ; ( conductors baton) Taktstock m ; ( hockey stick) Schläger m ; (.C bit, chui nhà hàng Amataro Nht Bn ã "chi ln" bng cách cho ra i mt cun cm ehomaki có tên là "Akuma no Ehomaki" (Cun cm ca ác qu).She always walks with a stick nowadays; a walking-stick / hockey-stick; a drumstick.She has red hair that sticks out in a crowd.To stick it out ( persevere ) tenir le coup stick to vt fus ( adhere to ) stamp, sticker, dough coller à Knead the dough until it no longer sticks to your hands Pétrissez la pâte jusqu'à ce lotto zusatzzahl gewinn qu'elle ne colle plus à vos.

Akuma no Ehomaki - Cun cm ca ác qu dài n 50cm.
( with glue ) incollare to stick two things together incollare due cose he was sticking stamps into his album attaccava i francobolli nell'album she stuck the envelope down incollò la busta.
Stuck (sth pointed) stecken ( in in dat it stuck in my foot das ist mir im Fuß stecken geblieben (Cards) halten ( project) his toes are stick ing through his socks seine Zehen kommen durch die Socken ; we could see Manfreds head stick.