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Poke up meaning in urdu

poke up meaning in urdu

A popular cheer at soccer matches, "he scores!" (literally: "it thunders in Nguni ) muti medicine (from Nguni umuthi ) typically traditional African Mzansi South Africa ( uMzantsi in Xhosa means "south specifically refers to the South Africa.
"bietjie" (a little bit "be-key and "baie" (a lot "bye-ya bielie a visa bonus card jahresgebühr butch, yet friendly and often brave man with a lot of stamina.
Also used to suggest that someone's behaviour was harsh (with varying degrees of seriousness, depending on tone and context for example: "It's swak that I failed the test." sy naam is Kom Terug en sy van is Bloedbek/Bloedneus lit.voetsek impolite way to say "go away commonly used with animals or as derogatory term."tortoises don't have feathers, and apples aren't pears".Is also used exclusively in South Africa, to refer to a traffic light.Guy similar to the American English word "dude" bok girlfriend bolt/one out used extensively in KZN.Referred to in the.S.Beter bang Jan, as dooie Jan lit.Perrie paranoid; spielhalle lütjenburg "He is moerse perrie" pehrer a fight.

Similar to "I don't know who knows" fokker lit.
Yebo Mbo-Nguni meaning yes wena Mbo Nguni meaning "you".
Anties breasts/boobs aweh/awe (pronounced aaah-WHE) said in excitement, as in: Aweh; my boss said I can go home early today.
The smart ones will have already bagged their seats.Check for wiring or other shorts first.These terms do not occur in formal."dirty mouth refers someone who swears a lot or is swearing a lot at the moment.99 (nine nine) "for real" ayoba expression of excitement bokgata or Bo 4 "the police" cake/ikuku/kuku Vagina choc R20 note chommie More likely to be used by young girls than guys, the word refers to a friend.(derogatory term used amongst city dwelling Black South Africans).Muggie bug, especially a little flying gnat moegoe stupid person, coward, or weakling moffie male homosexual (derogatory).Eh pá a cry of exclamation.To proceed in a single-minded direction regardless of obstacles.Refers to anyone who is standing and staring unnecessarily at something (whether it is at an object or into blank space,.e.Bliksem strike, hit, punch; also used often as an expression of surprise/emphasis."curry and rice is a popular South African variant of a curry usually served with rice and blatjang kiff, kif, kief (adjective) wicked, cool, neat, great, wonderful.

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Note, the English term slang is used strictly in its English pronunciation in context, as the Afrikaans word of the same spelling (though pronounced as "slung translates as "snake".
A Dictionary of South African English.