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Poke you reservieren

Alternatively, you can reserve a number of IP addresses for automatic allocation to bootp clients.
You are like children who poke a hole in a drum to see what.
Einen Tisch reservieren book.Ich habe ab heute für drei Nächte reserviert.I poked him on the nose.Bestellen ; buchen ; reservieren.Reservieren ( reserviert ptp ) vt to reserve, translation German - English Collins Dictionary etw verbindlich reservieren exp.» Ich w ü rd e gerne einen Platz res e rv ier.Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste/Website erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden.

I'd like to reserve a flight to Vancouver.
Poke a hole in the dough, and then form it into a rounded shape.
I booked a seat.
Poké You Healthy Food by Karlheinz Hauser.Did you reserve a room at the hotel?To book online, use the form below.I'd like to make a reservation for 6 o'clock tomorrow.It is necessary that we make a reservation in advance.You want to reject casino seven erding this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries.) " reservieren examples and translations in context.

The License Logging Service was unable to allocate memory.
Sie hat ein Zimmer reserviert.
The room is cold, poke the fire up a little.