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Salomon ponte poker interview

Everyone has to make a living, but Ponte was seemingly incapable of stopping the hustle.
I usually wouldnt be here this long if I was winning.
He knows that Im going to make.
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Ive been awake much longer.I said, Fuck, maybe Ill give them this money.' Q: They dont realize what a good guy you are?Life ein papagei ein glücksspiel rätsel is good you know, the tables are good to me, and Im the best at everything.Its nothing, just another day.

Whatever I do, I do it the best.
Mike Dentale should have won that.
Im going to respect his wishes.
If Im losing money its because I want to lose money, not cause they beat.I felt like giving some money away and i said, Here you go, and I gave the table 150k.You have been barred from a few places.What the fuck is that?Ponte started the conversation with some boilerplate cockiness about his opponents in the tournament.SP: So its April 21st on Poker Night in America.I went to baccarat right after, took like 5k, and made all my money back in two minutes.Hes probably one of the worst nsr slotcar digitalisieren heads-up poker players in the world if you think about.Live at the Bike.

He started with me, made fun of my family, and said lets go outside.
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