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Sweetcatch poke new york ny

It officially debuted in February of this year, two years after Sweetcatch opened its original location on Lexington Avenue.
But for a bowl of poke, you dont need a reservation, deep pockets or more courses.
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Lee Anne Wong, a Honolulu chef who is the bing background information consultant for Sweetcatch, explained that in Hawaii, the fish for poke is marinated for about 45 minutes before it goes on sale, its cut in larger pieces than youll often find in New York or Los.Having just visited the East Coast/NYC, I can see how difficult it is for any business to survive with the sheer volume of competition, not to mention the over saturation of poke concepts, she writes Eater via email.Two days ago, I ordered the Spicy Yuzu Chili Poke Bowl via MealPal.Upon picking it up, the food.was not ready for pick-up, I like the fact that it wasntit took less than 3 minutes for them to put together a *fresh* bowl of raw salmon, yuzu chili sauce, onions, mango, cilantro, sesame seeds, edamame, pickled ginger, radish.The second, on West 37th Street, will have 74 seats; a third on West 45th Street is in the works.Sweetcatch, though not the first poke restaurant to open in NYC, was one of the first to try to go against the Chipotle-style, made-to-order bowls that were more common in the city.She said that though the fish would be more expensive than elsewhere, it would be fresh, not frozen, and sustainably harvested.A version of this article appears in print on, on Page D3 of the New York edition with the headline: Fresh Fish, Old School.Kwak and Morrison both dismiss the eviction, saying the shop is here to stay and will remain open at this location.

I had to grab two slices of pizza after.
Beyond the food itself, service-wise, the staff seemed very nice and personable.
On a day Im not very hungry and want delicious high quality poke, I will surely be getting from them again.One of Sweetcatchs owners is Bobby Kwak, who elevated Korean barbecue.The restaurant additionally brought the traditional Hawaiian style to Manhattan, in which the the raw fish comes pre-marinated and is sold by the pound.The Sweetcatch team aimed to expand to FiDi and Nolita this year, but its ambitious plans havent panned out just yet.The biggest problem with poke here, she said, is that the quality of the fish is not good.Sweetcatch aims to import a more authentic Hawaiian experience, featuring poke by the pound to take away.The raw salmon chunks were delicious and went together beautifully with the rest of the mix.The staff were nice when I spoke to them about it, but they still insisted, and it goes beyond what MealPal requires when picking.But the bankruptcy filing alludes to troubled times Debtors immediate need for relief stems from a pending eviction proceeding pending in civil court, it says.We believe theres a lot of value there, so we believe we can sell the business, Sweetcatch attorney Lawrence Morrison tells Eater.Poke in freezing wintertime is not appealing, and Sweetcatch got into the market when the poke craze had already peaked.While the food and service was absolutely great, I have two polite points of criticism below.My only other complaint would be that the portion size didnt seem generous, but then again, perhaps its because of the high quality fish used.The first Sweetcatch, in Midtown East, will not have any seats, just a counter where marinated and seasoned fish, usually tuna or salmon, will be sold by the pound and another area where customers can order poke bowls.Business owner, bobby Kwak, who also co-owns the NYC location of Korean barbecue spot Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, tells Eater he is in the process of selling Sweetcatch but declined to name the buyer.

Poke (poh-kay) has become the next veggie burger, a suddenly popular dish that compels New Yorkers to put up with long lines.
MealPal explicitly says Give the restaurant your Order Number at pickup after I give the correct order number, I dont expect to need to show them my phone just to pick upa number is *all* that is required.