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Windwalker monk pve best in slot

windwalker monk pve best in slot

Mastery: Bottled Fury : As.2, this is a passive effect all Windwalker's have with a baseline 12 chance to produce either Combo Breaker: Tiger Palm and/or Combo Breaker: Blackout Kick.
Fixed Tigereye Brew prioritization (it stated 10 stacks, should be 20).
It grants you Tiger Power causing your attacks to ignore 30 lu casino of enemies' armor for 20 seconds.This seems wildly different from the above priority set, but again - your priorities tend to shift as a Windwalker.This allows for more of your gear's stat budget to be pushed into Mastery and Crit.Rotund's Stat Weight Simulator Spreadsheet.Even with a worse Offhand, the differenge is neglible at best, and dual wield should still pull ahead.This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.

This part of the mechanic is passive.
In short: If there is more than one target, cast Storm, Earth, and Fire on target(s) that you are not targetting (and cancel the clone if you begin targetting that target!) Cast Rushing Jade Wind if you are specced into it and there are.
If people are interested in accessing and having the new guide shared with them, they can still.Like the other two classes, we utilize two resources: energy and chi.Note that Xuen does not benefit from Tigereye Brew, but will benefit from things such as on-use trinkets and an engineer's Synapse Springs, in addition to procs from trinkets and item enchantments.Initial credit is given to Nextormento for creating the original Windwalker guide (and for the tables I may have borrowed and simply amended and Mihir on Mmo-Champion, in addition to Eeinx for his great work on the monk module for SimulationCraft, Venyasaur for his spreadsheets.Odealo is a player-driven marketplace for WoW Gold.Eyedore's Monk Energy spreadsheet staatliche lotterie 24 : Credit to Eyedore for compiling this.